[Survey] CG technology inside Fortnite

Game CG

Fortnite is a shooting game developed, sold and distributed by Epic Games. This is a very popular Battle Royale game that currently has over 350 million registered players. We survey the CG technology used inside the game.

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Game Engine of Fortnite

When you enjoy Fortnite, you will see the “Press To Start” screen at the beginning of the game. At that time, you can see the logo with a sharp “u” next to the developer’s Epic Games logo in the lower right corner of the screen.
This logo is the “Unreal Engine” logo below.

This is used inside Fortnite and is a game engine that provides the CG technology necessary for developing games. It has very high graphic performance and can produce high quality CG. It can be confirmed that the CG is very beautiful and high quality inside Fortnite. This game engine is basically free to use.
Currently, this “Unreal Engine” and Unity software developed and provided by Unity Technologies are the two major game engines in the world.
This game engine is also a 3D production platform. Therefore, it is used not only in games, but also in various fields such as architectural design, virtual car showrooms, and movies.

* What is Unity?

Unreal Engine and Fortnite

Well, as you may have noticed, Fortnite is developed by Epic Games. In addition, the developer of “Unreal Engine” is Epic Games. In other words, both were developed by the same company.
The game company Epic Games has also developed and sold the game engine “Unreal Engine” necessary for game development.
Therefore, we think that the affinity of “Unreal Engine” in Fortnite is high.
“Unreal Engine 5” was released in May 2020. Fort Knight is currently using “Unreal Engine 4”, but a move to “Unreal Engine 5” is planned for mid-2021. As the back-end technology is upgraded smoothly in this way, it is expected that the game itself will continue to evolve. Furthermore, the fact that the game is developed using the “Unreal Engine” means that it has complete 3D information, and it is not impossible to provide games in a VR environment. We look forward to the future of this game.

Details of “Unreal Engine” are shown in the following knowledge.

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