What is Unity?

Unity is the most used game engine in the world.
This is also a 3D development platform, and is currently widely used for 3DCG and VR content development in addition to game development.
This knowledge describes the overview and features of Unity.

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Overview of Unity

In 2005, Unity was developed by Unity Technologies as an integrated game development environment (game engine). It aims to democratize game development.
It’s free and easy to use. For example, it is used in development such as “Pokémon Go”.
It was initially developed and provided as a game engine, but is currently being widely used as a 3D development platform for developing 3DCG and VR content in addition to game development.

Features of Unity

The features of Unity are as follows.

  • Providing a set of functions required for game development
    • Unity doesn’t just provide a CG development environment. It provides a set of functions required for game development.
      • Animation System (Mecanim)
        • Animation control system for 3D characters
        • Retargeting function, Blend tree state machine function for state control, IK that allows hands and feet to touch the wall or ground
      • Effects (Shuriken)
        • Effects such as flames and explosions
      • User interface
        • Functions such as buttons and lists required for menu screens
      • Script
        • C#, JavaScript, original Shader available
      • 2D drawing system (Unity2D)
        • Unity was developed as a game engine for 3D, but version 4.3 to 2D is also supported.
        • Sprite system specialized for 2D: It can automatically generate animation from multiple sprites.
        • It can use the 2D dedicated physics engine.
  •  Reputation compared to Unreal Engine
    • The two major game engines in the world are Unity and Unreal Engine. Both of these are excellent, but the following are the comparative reputations.
      • Unity can run on a low-spec PC, and its performance is better than Unreal Engine.
      • Unireal Engine has better graphics performance than Unity.
    • What is Unreal Engine?
  • Asset store with a wealth of assets
    • There is an asset store that offers a wealth of the following assets, and you can use them by purchasing them without having to make them yourself.
      • Animation
      • Shader
      • Function script
  • Multi-platform support
    • It supports multiple platforms.
    • If you develop for one platform, you can release it for other platforms simply by changing the settings.
    • If Unity supports a new platform, you can release content for that platform simply by updating the engine.
    • Examples of supported platforms are as follows.
      • VR / AR: Ocurus Rift, StreamVR, Playstation VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Daydream
      • Home video game console: PlayStation4, PlayStationVita, XBOX ONE, Nitendo 3DS, Nitendo Switch
      • PC platform: Windows, MacOS
      • Mobile OS: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, FireOS
  • UNITY-CHAN! Available

Unity-related services

Unity has many related services. An example is below.

Unity Use Cases

The use cases of Unity other than games are as follows.

  • Car design
  • Building design
  • Video production, animation creation
  • Surgical simulation in medical

Unity is now increasingly used in scenes other than game engines, and we believe that it will be a service that will further develop as a 3D development platform.

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